Bank Rolls, Pocket Change and its Potential Treasures


A Free Way and Effective Way to Collect Valuable Coins

In my 5 years of collecting coins, carefully searching through bank rolls and my pocket change has rewarded me countless number of times with silver coins, key date wheaties, and war nickels.

This is a free and effective method in acquiring not only silver coins but dates need to to fill up your folders and complete your collection.

Bank Rolls

Its quite simple, exchange cash for certain amount of coins for a certain denomination, bring them home and see what you will find. I usually search through Pennies, Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars. I suggest starting with 1000 coins per denomination so you don’t have to spend too much and don’t an enormous amount of coins to look through. Then again, this is free so you wont loose money.

Here is what I look for when I search through bank rolls:


  • Wheat Pennies (1909-1958)
  • Copper Pennies (Pre 1982)

Wheat Pennies are always neat to have and are great to fill up folders, they can still be found in circulation but with my experience I have found vast amount more in bank rolls. Not everyone collects copper pennies but I do, prior to 1982 (and some during 1982) all the pennies were 95% copper. The price of copper now is about $2.6 per pound which makes the composition value of each penny to be about 2 cents. Thats 100% profit, although 2 cents is nothing imagine a vast amount of these copper pennies and their potential value. One con of collecting copper pennies is that it is illegal to melt them and right now not many people will buy bulk copper pennies, but nevertheless it is still smarter to save these pennies worth 2 cents than to use them with only a value of 1 cent.


  • War Nickels (1942-1945)
  • Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938)

I rarely bankroll search nickels and if I do it is to only find certain dates I may have been missing for my folders, but if you wish to search through rolls of nickels these are what to look for. War Nickels contain 35% silver in their composition, and we all know silver is a favorable commodity, so keep an eye out for these war nickels, if you find anything between the dates 1942-1945 look on the reverse to see if there is a large mint mark above Monticello. If there is you have yourself a War Nickel worth at least a few dollars. On the topic of Buffalo Nickels, it is rare but still possible to find them floating around in Nickel bank rolls. They are nice for a collection, especially if the date is visible.


  • Silver Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)

Dimes are my primary focus when searching through bank rolls. I tend to find most of my silver when searching for dimes. As time goes on less and less silver dimes can be found in circulation but if persistent you are sure to find some.


  • Silver Washington Quarters (1932-1964)

Just like the silver dimes, less and less silver quarters can be found in circulation but i love looking through quarters because the silver ones are very easy to pick out and it is very profitable when finding one.

Half Dollars

  • Silver Kennedy 90% (1964)
  • Silver Kennedy 40% (1965-1970)

If you want to search through half dollars you will need a lot of cash and call the bank in advance. Usually banks will not have half dollars to be picked up unless you have them order them for you and note to buyer; they will usually make you order a box ($500).

Not only can you find silver and other valuable coins in bank rolls but you can just as easily find them in your daily pocket change. So make sure to check every coin you find because who knows, it could be worth a fortune.


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