Top 3 Collections Every Beginner Coin Collector Should Complete

  1. 50 States Quarters
  2. US District Quarters
  3. Westward Journey Nickels

These 3 collections are necessary for every new coin collector to complete. They do not only teach skills such as, focus, analyzation, coin history, but they also give collectors something to be proud of in their early days and will lead them on to more valuable and tougher collections to complete.

Be aware, each coin will have a (P)hiladelphia mint mark or a (D)enver mint mark, therefore to complete the collection you need one from each mint.

Ex. New Jersey-P and New Jersey-D   

Some very simple folders in the 50 States series will not accommodate for the mint marks so when buying folders make sure they accommodate for what you need.

Personally I am a fan of the ‘H E Harris’ folders, they have everything I want and they are very affordable for young collectors.

Good Luck!!


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