Heres my first installment of Coin Roll Hunting.

Im on vacation in Bar Harbor Maine and there were some pretty old banks in its town so i stopped by a few of them to see if i could gets some rolls of dimes quarters and halves.

At the first bank I stopped at, I exchanged for $100 of Dimes (20 Rolls, 1000 Dimes) and $100 of Quarters (10 Rolls, 400 Quarters). They didn’t have Half Dollars at this bank so I traveled to the next one down the street and exchanged for $70 of Halves (7 Rolls, 140 Halves).

While looking through the halves I managed to find two 40% silver ones, in my mind I am happy if I find 1 silver in a roll hunt, so finding two made my day.

Silver Halves

Unfortunately, I did not find any silver in the quarters or dimes but I did find this very odd looking quarter. I don’t know if is gold plated, brass/copper plated, or if it was even produced like this by the mint.

Check out my ‘Coin Roll Hunting’ page to see all my findings on a cumulative list!!

Coin Obverse
Quarter Obverse

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