After my considerable success with the halves in my last hunt I thought I would take another shot at it!

I can’t say there was the same success, I had exchanged for 310$ of JFK Halves (31 Rolls, 620 Half Dollars). And after spending a good hour looking through them I only came out with 1 40%’er.

Silver Half 1969

Since I had all these clad half dollars laying around, I figured I should make some use out of them. After both celebrating and venting over my sole silver half retrieved from this hunt, I went through all the halves to see which ones I still needed for my folder. Not only did I fill up some holes in my folder but I also came across some AU (in my opinion) newer halves that I put aside.

This has been another hunt, Im going to bring the rest back to the bank, get some cash, and then put it towards multiple graded Morgans that Im going to be buying from an Antique dealer I know.

Hope this inspires collectors to Roll Hunt!


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