So I finally brought all the Halves back to the bank and made a real nice purchase. No surprise to me, I bought some Morgans. 3 to be exact all MS63 PCGS graded, I got quite a good deal on them. The years/mints are as follows, 1880-S, 1887, and 1900-O. Im not exactly sure what my course of action is with them. I have a hoarding mentality and don’t really wMSD2ant to sell anything, I just want to collect more and more! Im either going to keep them (most likely), sell them online for a bountiful profit, or maybe even go to a few dealers I know and see if I can trade all three of them up for a nice gold piece; I figure gold is at a low right now so if i can grab something for a good price I may be able to see value growth in the future.


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