Join a Coin Club

Coin collecting is not just a hobby someone should keep themselves. A coin collector should find the coin club nearest to them and join it. Being in a coin club has many benefits.

  1. Learn from seasoned collectors on the history and knowledge of the hobby and its coins.
  2. Participate in private club auctions.
  3. Trade.
  4. Build interest for the hobby.
  5. Have the chance to see rare/interesting coins.
  6. Meet people that have the same interests as yourself.
  7. Share your collection.

I can honestly say being in my local coin club furthers my enjoyment for the hobby. I am the youngest member in the club (18yr) while every one else is in their elder years or late adulthood. But being around these elder collectors gives me the opportunity to learn more about collecting and I have got to see some amazing coins I only dream of having one day. Actually, my club brings in a new speaker each month, whether it be someone from the club or outside the club that gives an interesting lecture/lesson on something that they specialize in. Clubs usually have show n’ tell, its always great to show off your new find or purchase to the rest of the club. Some clubs like my own have Club-Only Auctions and these are quite amazing. In my auctions I have bid and won on silver ounces that I got for below spot price.

If you need a club and have no idea where the nearest one is, ANA has a directory which is actually the way i found my club.

ANA Coin Club Directory

Keep Collecting!


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